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The Global Ransomware Cyber-Attack – WannaCry.

The WannaCry or WannaCrypt or Wanna Decryptor is an extant ransomware cyber-attack.

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wannacryredThe WannaCry or WannaCrypt or Wanna Decryptor is an extant ransomware cyber-attack which is an exceptional malware storm began extensively all over the globe late last week. WannaCry is a ransomware computer virus, aiming at Microsoft Windows Operating System, encoding data and demanding deliverance payments in the cryptocurrency bitcoin. Basically, WannaCry is a type of Trojan virus which in effect clenches the tainted system hostage and demands the victim to pay liberation money to recoup their system and can access the computer safely.
wannacry2The attack began on Friday, 12Th May 2017 and has been exemplified as remarkable in huge scale. According to the recent statistics by Security Researchers, it is an assumption that more than 55,000 computers in near about 150 countries were tainted by the end of Friday. While the escalation of this ransomware attack was hindered on Saturday but couldn’t halt completely. But from recent news by the researchers, more than 200,000 systems were infected around the globe till Monday.
Hot of the fire, WannaCry is the most severe malware attack as yet in 2017 and the diffusion of the ransomware attack is against a backcloth. The most infected countries are stated to be Russia, Ukraine, India, Taiwan, and also some parts of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), Spain’s Telefonica, FedEx, Deutsche Bahn, and LATAM Airlines were also infected along with many other globally.
wannacryfrghReporters stated that India is one of the worst-infected countries from WannaCry attack. In this regard, the Indian Government and Ministry of Home Affairs has shut many of the ATMs all over the country to get secured against this severe cyber-attack. Also, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has circulated a caveat appealing all the nationalized and non-nationalized banks to update the software of their respective ATMs to avoid getting hampered by the malware attack that has stormed payment gateways all over the world.
Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has come up with a list of Do’s, Don’ts and a webcast mentioning on the prevention of networks and systems from the global malware attack. Moreover, Microsoft has also brought in a security patch to encounter with the situation, and victims, as well as non-victims, have been recommended to install this solution at the earliest.

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