Real Indian Startup Culture is just engineered with Seaside Startup Summit

Real Indian Startup Culture is just engineered with Seaside Startup Summit

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Cheers to Mr. Anil Chhikara ,Mr. hakob Hakobyan and all the organizing team members of Seaside Startup Summit to design such a vibrant Startup Summit providing something to everyone among the participant startups, investors, speakers, guests and even jury members.

Startup is a culture belonging to next level entrepreneurs. Every schedule and every event in the Agenda has a meaning to deliver among the participants.

As an exploratory observer and a shortlisted Startup participant to get the invite for attending Seaside Startup Summit Goa 2018, here is my overview:

  1. Adjusting in an organized outdoor camp check-in with the sense of adaptation and flexibility among the prospected entrepreneurs.
  2. Following a scheduled agenda of timing for yoga session, meet ups, panel discussions, leisure time and campfire tasks; delivers the discipline of organized behaving at multiple levels.
  3. Anil Chhikara, Rakesh Mishra, Rahul Narvekar, Mohit Gulati, Abhay Tandon, Abhishek Agarwal, Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, Tripti Singhal and all others emerge at different sessions and roles within the Seaside Startup Summit Goa 2018, but ended on a common ground of availability for direct interactions or mentorship talks.
  4. Staying limitless within 2-3 concrete discipline rules interprets a motive of seeding ethics for achieving success in your business efforts or entrepreneurial journey.
  5. Pitch sessions and battle grounds enhance an entrepreneur’s exhibition, demonstration and contentious skills. A client/customer would believe in your product/service if only at least you are native to it.
  6. Customer acquisition and user experience enhancement must be optimum goal instead of overnight fund raising through investors or VC’s.
  7. Master of Ceremony must have credentials like Bassam Nader.


Indian Startup Culture was seeking an unbiased direction or even a curriculum to follow.

Mr. Anil Chhikara turning as the architect of Real Indian Startup Culture. Mr. hakob Hakobyan and organizing team members of Seaside Startup Summit’s arrangements were beyond astonishing to be rated with a luxury camp experience among the participants.

Seaside Startup Summit Goa 2018 rocks by availing:

Something for everyone or everything for everyone

By Guts and Luck ADDLAUNCHER hold third spot in its category.

ADDLAUNCHER is an advertising space booking platform for native or *non native advertisers.

ADDLAUNCHER is a flagship service brand of AE Dimensions.

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CONTENT COURTESY :Adan Thakur, CoFounder & CEO AE Dimensions

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