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a-90-930x520PVR Cinemas, the largest multiplex chain in India, associated with HP India, the computer technology company, has launched Asia’s first Virtual Reality (VR) Lounge at PVR ECX Mall, Mall of India in Noida. This entertainment-technology association is planning to launch 10 more VR Lounges- 3 each in Bengaluru and Mumbai, 2 more in Delhi and one each in East India and Central India. Bollywood actor Mr Ranbir Kapoor was present at the launch of HP VR lounges.

The approach at PVR ECX has four VR pods arrayed with the latest desktops and laptops HP OMEN 870-260in, which consist of NVIDIA GTX GeForce 1080 graphics card in addition to the HTC VIVE headsets and controllers. Beside this, VR pods are arrayed with the HP OMEN 17-W249TX and the W25TX, sporting the GTX 1060, GTX 1070 respectively.

Apart from the best in class technology of the VR Docks and Pods, it also remits mesmerizing and interactive experience, obscuring the lines between real and virtual. From scooching down behind steeple to plunging on the ground to avoid barrage bullets to seeing flamboyant image creeping nearby, those short heated moments will surely keep movie goers padlocked to the HP VR Lounge. Besides games, the patrons will have a huge variety of curated content from various genres such as drama, fiction, sci-fi, horror, action and much more.

download“We currently have 8 piece of content- 3 in the gaming space and the rest in the entertainment/infotainment space. Ultimately we will scale up the content we offer, but the focus is on the experience and not on the content production. In the future, we are open to lending the platform to brands that have a promotional film in the VR format, as long as the content is something that will appeal to the patrons. It is definitely a revenue stream we are looking at seriously.”
-Gautam Dutta, CEO of PVR Cinemas.

In the initial stage, the HP VR Lounge will be absolutely free for first 15 days to the PVR customers. Later on, the users can avail the VR Lounge facility at an affordable price of Rs. 100 per head. PVR and HP decide the range of duration should be from 1.5 minutes to 10 minutes per session. The reason for keeping the short duration of the session is that the user could get affected by Nausea by using the headsets in VR Lounge.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaae6aaaajdfmymmzodhlltmwmjqtndgzzs1ingi3ltiynjk0nmu1n2rjoaLastly, Ajay Bijli, Chairman and Managing Director, PVR Cinemas stated, “At PVR, we remain committed to providing an exceptional customer experience to our patrons. Virtual Reality is the dawn of the new era that opens up limitless possibilities for pure entertainment. It transcends all boundaries of what is rear and what is not and the high-end technology by HP provides a complete immersion into the digital world. Being the innovator’s in the realm of cinemas, it is our complete endeavour to be in sync with world’s latest technologies and VR is the next big thing that we have brought for the Indian audience. We are delighted to partner with HP given their unmatched expertise in the technology domain. We believe that the VR readiness of all their upcoming products is exceptional. VR is the reigning trend in the entertainment industry and we are sure our patrons will have a great time exploring it.”

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