Acclaimed Participants of Seaside Startup Summit Goa 2018:a Perspective

AE Dimensions startup journey through its flagship ‘AddLauncher’

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While playing a game of chess, the out of the box and ready to go most disruptive lethal moves are not always generated throughout two grandmasters contending each other. The rookie watching the game has always some ready key moves to turn down or disrupt any side.

Rookies have a dedicated potential for successful conversions, just in case, their aim needs a pointer towards the right direction by prior mentorship and motivation.
Seaside Startup Summit Goa 2018, evokes and provide common native ground to multi-level startup enthusiast participants towards formal to casual engagements of their choice.


As an exploratory observer and a shortlisted Startup participant to get the invite for attending Seaside Startup Summit Goa 2018, here is my write-up towards the amazing participants I need to get chance to observe or engage enough to produce my overview:

Shailendra Tiwari(Founder at Fasal): A firm believer who holds a limitless potential to evoke productive deliverables for any goal or cause. Adjoined by enthusiastic team of believers, solution providers and innovators like Vaibhav Singh Rajput.
Most inspiring fact about Shilendra is that, instead of being capable to earn big bucks from pool of productive ideas in any sector or marketplace, he deliberately chooses to work on producing value through Agri-tech by pure choice and belief. India seriously needs Entrepreneurs like him to sustain.

Aqueel Merchant: Holds a true right to be introduced as a prescribed permanent member of Seaside Startup Summit. A fit in for multiple disciplines and roles either coach, advisor, panellist, speaker, mentor or even as a Cofounder, CXO.

“His Smile was one of those rare smiles that you may come across four or five times in life. It seems to understand you and believe in you just as you would love to be understood and believed in.”
Credits to the movie dialogue: The Great Gatsby (2013) 720p.BluRay, check at Timeline: 30.03

THE A TEAM [Vivart,Sanket,Aditya]: Undisputed winners of ‘Most Creative Pitch’,if there was a category for that in Seaside Startup Summit Goa 2018. These three team mates hold the most promising creative chemistry among them towards their revolutionary and disruptive ideation Cocreato.They need to always turn on their research towards the UX of their product. A must watch journey in coming years.    

DIY Guru [Avinash,Bishnu,Akash,Nishant]: A well nurturing team as per their domain and start-up culture. Each member of DIY Guru is a delight to experience with. Creating one of a kind makers learning platform for Automobile/mechanical engineering students and aspirants. Whole team is dedicated to outreach their feasibility among Institutional project workshops. Their scalability is projected with revolutionary and disruptive outcomes in education and learning sector.

Share At Door Step [Anushka Jain]: Attaining success oriented to providing simplified online solutions to generous non-cash donors for giving away their clothes, books, and other household goods. Cheers to the creative think tank and Founder behind this idea: Anushka Jain.Social entrepreneurship is defined by her selfless approach towards this smart sustainable idea.

Vikram Gulecha(OCEOWater): ‘Precise’ is the exact word denoted for Vikram,as per his conduct or response towards Introducing Water Purification as a Service through OCEOWater.His focus and determination is sharp and countered with the calm smile on his face made him readily available for every situation or challenge.

Vishal Nigam(Blockstein): Hats off to the knowledge and exposure he holds up and spreading about Blockchain and crypto currency. Vishal holds the right potential to educate any non-native about the crypto currency and block chain at any time of the day. His journey with his Fin Tech firm Blockstein would be a must watch in coming years.

Greg Acuna (Planet Earthlings Foundation): Must be awarded with the most decent startup idea of Seaside Startup Summit Goa 2018.Greg’s determined and passionate journey towards creating, enhancing and marketing amazing life skills enhancing game for kids ‘Acting Kindly’ is remarkable and admirable for many entrepreneurs.

Amit Kumar(Parimukh): His Startup ideation ‘Parimukh’ is need of the hour especially for polluted metro cities. Investor communities and networks must focus on allocating funds on research & development for such path breaking initiatives to preserve and purify the natural environment for the coming generations.

Mohit Gulati: Turns out as one of the most promising speaker at campfire talks. Conducted a shared campfire talk session with Dr. Aniruddha Malpani and earned an elevated spotlight by his witty narrations about the actual encounters witnessed by him with in startup eco system.

Shekhar Rawtani (Prescrip): Proved that post pharma and Law education goals can also be turned into happening with innovative digital product like Prescrip.

Skipping to acknowledge these amazing and some other founders, startups and participants for future posts:

Ashutosh Kumar (CLAPPIA)


Jason Fernandes (Funl)


Oddy Uniwraps

Abhishek Agarwal

Some rapid fire verdicts of Seaside Startup Summit Goa:

  • Most Hopeful person: Ben J. Bickford
  • The man with the best dancing moves in SSSGOA2018 :Vivek Rai
  • Most wittiest and happening Squad Leader: Gegham Khachikyan,The Happy Feet
  • Most Weirdest participant of Summit : Non Disclosable
  • The speaker deserving a Unplug: Non Disclosable
  • Heil’ to the youngest squad leader: Commander Ilona Demirtshyan

Image Concept credits: aDaN
Image Concept credits: aDaN

Rakesh Mishra,Prashant Pansare,Jimmy Jain, Vinay Singhal, Rahul Narvekar, Tripti Shinghal, Dr. Aniruddha Malpani ,Neeraj Singh Rathore,(MC) Bassam Nader and many other prestigious speakers, panellist and participants are Titans of their domains and their valuable informal engagement in the Seaside Startup Summit is acknowledgeable beyond this article..

Bravo Mr. Anil Chhikara and Mr. Hakob Hakobyan for designing Seaside Startup Summit Goa.

Organizing team members of Seaside Startup Summit and Startup Armenia Foundation proved themselves as the best fit in their jobs.

Being an early stage startup, we always stay available for any suggestion, feedback, mentorship and rectifications accordingly towards our advertising space booking platform ADDLAUCNHER. All Seaside Startup Summit participants have brought such a value to our journey by giving us a chance to engage and evolve from them.

Disclaimer by Adan: Had tried my best to engage in every activity, discussion, session, campfire talk and pitch presented by startups in various categories. Even though some sessions were skipped and also limited to watch around 40 startup pitches. All the above information is an independent observation and opinion reported by me. I request to neglect any offensive narration by considering it in good humour. 

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CONTENT COURTESY :Adan Thakur, CoFounder & CEO AE Dimensions


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  1. Great stuff and such enjoyment reading it ! Keep it up and we arw always here to support and assist you ! Much Love !! Bassam Nader !

    • Glad you read and appreciate it.
      Can be extended or may have covered more participants,if only i can attend the summit as a free flower.
      Make sure to share your response on LinkedIn also.
      Big thanks and stay connected.

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